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Graphic and UI/UX Design

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Healthy Eating JUMPSTART: Low Carb Platform

The JUMPSTART platform was designed and built to support the Michigan Collaborative For Type 2 Diabetes initiative and the JUMPSTART grocery delivery program. It delivers welcoming and accessible educational information, resources, and other tools for patient's with type 2 diabetes who are getting started on a low-carb diet. 

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MCT2D Website Redesign

The Michigan Collaborative for Type 2 Diabetes (MCT2D) website serves 1000+ clinicians across the state of Michigan. It is a hub for resources, support, and information on quality improvement for diabetes care. 


Academic Posters

Posters designed for various poster sessions including the Learning Health Science Collaboratory and the American Diabetes Association conference. 

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Evaluating Social Determinants of Health: Best Practice Guide

This guide introduces concepts central to integrating social determinants of health screening into health practices. It is a jumping-off point to begin having these conversations among organization leadership in quality initiatives. 

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OCTO Group

OCTO (Open Communications for the Ocean) is a non-profit group dedicated to sharing information about ocean conservation. They host two podcasts (OCTOPOD and Salish Shes), and have several different online platforms including MarXiv and MarineDebris.Info.



GrieveWell provides resources and support to individuals in grief, as well as those who surround them, in order to build a community that promotes healthy grieving and healing. As their Marketing and Outreach Associate, I created a range of materials to support their programs and initiatives. 


Carbon Neutrality Dashboard

A carbon neutrality goal tracking dashboard created for the Ann Arbor Wolf Pack in collaboration with the National Wildlife Foundation. 


DaLAIT is a startup company using the latest foam molding technology to create safe, effective, and stylish nursing pads for all parents. 

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Other Graphic Design

A selection of other graphic design work including personal and client projects. 

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