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The JUMPSTART platform for provides interactive tools, education, recipes, and more to patients with type 2 diabetes who have been recommended a low carb diet by their doctor. 

The platform is designed to guide patients through the basics of starting a low carb diet in a welcoming and accessible way. 


The JUMPSTART platform was designed to support patients with type 2 diabetes starting a low carb diet. Low carb eating can often be confusing and even feel counter-intuitive to patients who have been taught more traditional methods of dieting, such as calorie restriction. Success depends on understanding low carb, setting achievable goals, planning, and tracking carb intake. 

Do design this platform, input was gathered from doctors, dietitians, and patients with type 2 diabetes. The MCT2D patient advisory board provided regular feedback on the platform's development, and new content and updates are added regularly. 

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Figma Designs

Once feedback was collected, initial designs were created in Figma for each page on the platform. 

Final Design

After multiple rounds of feedback and review of the Figma designs, they were shared with the web developer for buildout. 

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