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Client Projects


A Manta Ray's Jounrey

Kevin the Manta Ray is hungry, but he lost the tip of his fin and can't swim as fast as the other manta rays. When the manta rays start their journey to the feeding grounds, Kevin becomes lost and must find his way the help of a new friend. Kevin is based on a real manta ray studied by the Florida Manta Project. All proceeds go to manta ray research and conservation.

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The Illustrated History of the Magical 1968 Detroit Tigers Season

A short graphic novel created for MLive Media Group to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the amazing winning 1968 Detroit Tiger's season. The piece includes illustrated and animated panels depicting the players, games, and historical events surrounding the season.

University of Michigan Museum of Natural History

A selection of designs and illustrations created for the UMMNH in Ann Arbor Michigan. 

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Little Pumpkin Ba-Bumpkin

Illustrations for Little Pumpkin Ba-Bumpkin by Philip Walsh, a children's book about a pumpkin living on a quaint little farm. 

Healthy Choices Coloring and Activity Book

Illustrations created in partnership with Fresh Baby for seniors to align with the USDA MyPlate.

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The Outcast Star

The Outcast Star is the story of Brother Star and Sister Star and their happy life in space, until the day Sister Star dances too close to a black hole...

Dealing sensitively with issues of love and loss and packed with beautiful illustrations, this book will capture the minds of young readers and give them an enjoyable introduction to the intricacies of astronomical discovery.


The Sunshine Team

The Sunshine Team is a book about a group of charming characters who teach kids to have a positive attitude. Through fun rhyming quotes, kids learn how to be grateful, hopeful, happy, joyful, and loving. The print version of the book features 24 inspiring quotes with full-color illustrations and corresponding coloring pages. Kids can engage with inspiring messages and playful characters by coloring their own works of art.

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