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Product Design

Kangaroo Mother Care Shirt

A beautifully illustrated knit shirt that helps mothers perform Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) with their newborns. 

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Warmilu is a startup company in Ann Arbor, MI whose mission is to end infant death from hypothermia. 


Move & Memorize / Yoga & Learn

I designed two bilingual cube games in partnership with Fresh Baby Inc and the USDA WIC program that helps kids learn the information required to attend Kindergarten.

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The Foodbank of New York City Cookshop Products

​I designed a series of products featuring children of diverse backgrounds for Cookshop, a program offered by the Food Bank of New York City. These products were distributed to over 50,000 NYC school children.

Deep Rock Galactic Plush Collection

I designed, patterned, and prototyped a plush collection for the video game Deep Rock Galactic. These plushies are manufactured and sold by ForFansByFans. 


Princess Awesome Sea Her Shine Dress

Princess Awesome creates clothing for girls that combines diverse interests such as trucks, robots, aliens, and DNA, right along side twirly skirts, glitter, and pink.​ My design was selected out of 600 entries to be the next Princess Awesome dress print. 

Dream Whale Baby Carrier
For Beco Inc 

Beco is a family owned business based in Colorado making innovative and beautiful carriers for babies and toddlers.​ Beco licensed my "Dream Whale Print" for their Beco baby Carrier for the Gemini Fall/Winter collection. 

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