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OCTO Group

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OCTO (Open Communications for the Ocean) is a non-profit group dedicated to sharing information about ocean conservation. They host two podcasts (OCTOPOD and Salish Shes) and have several different online platforms including MarXiv and MarineDebris.Info.


I worked with the OCTO team to redesign a set of logos for each of their platforms. These logos were designed to follow the core OCTO branding and create cohesion across all the platforms. 


Podcast Covers

I designed the podcast covers for OCTO's two podcasts: Salish Shes and OCTOPOD. These podcasts are available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. 

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Print Materials

The OCTO team needed a variety of print materials including banners, flyers, and postcards for events and conferences. I collaborated with the team to create materials that were eye-catching and communicated their services visually and digestibly. 


In addition to my graphic design work for OCTO, I also worked on several UI/UX projects including the Plastic Hub website, Marxiv repository platform, and OCTO dashboard. 

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