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Warmilu is a startup company in Ann Arbor, MI whose mission is to end infant death from hypothermia. I worked as their Lead Designer and COO for 2 years, creating life-saving infant warming products, building product supply chains, and managing marketing and outreach efforts. 

The IncuBlanket

I collaborated with the Warmilu team, doctors, nurses, engineers, and parents to redesign the IncuBlanket. The IncuBlanket is an FDA-cleared, non-electric incubator alternative for premature infants in resource-scarce settings. It is currently used in hospitals and clinics around the world and combines patented warming technology with a propriety fabric layering system to maintain a safe and regulated temperature for hours. 

Select Graphics

I created a series of graphics during my work with Warmilu for education, marketing, and packaging.

Other Solutions

Warmilu uses its patented warming technology in other products including outdoor seating for stadiums, restaurants, and camping. I designed and patterned this specialized cushion, and created initial packaging and marketing concepts for the new products. 

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