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Kangaroo Mother Care Shirt

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Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) is a clinically verified method of support infant and maternal health. I design this special knit top that promoted the benefits of KMC, while making it safe and easy to perform. The Kangaroo Mother Care Shirt is available through Maternova. 


During a trip to Kenya, Larrea Young attended a pediatric conference where a doctor demonstrated a "tube top" from Columbia that was helping mothers learn how to perform KMC. The top was a simple circle of plain knit fabric that would cradle the infant against the mother's (or father's) bare chest. She thought this was a brilliant and simple solution to the challenge of keeping a baby safe and warm on their parent's chest during skin-to-skin.


However, she was disappointed to learn that doctors were still struggling to get parents to accept the practice of KMC. She had an idea that by turning that "tube top" into a beautiful piece of clothing, and by including the instructions and benefits of KMC on the garment itself, parents would feel empowered to not only perform KMC but also to educate those around them about the practice. 

Although KMC can be performed with a wide variety of wraps and binds, this support shirt provides many benefits including: 

  • The stretchy knit allows the baby to be firmly held against the parent without constricting movement or breathing

  • The cotton-spandex blend fabric is breathable, comfortable, and easy to wash

  • Multiple sizes allow for parents to ensure proper fit and maximum comfort

  • Allows the parent to use their hands while reclining and performing KMC

  • Can be used with a biliblanket so that the parent can perform skin-to-skin while baby undergoes jaundice treatment​

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