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HBOM Tobacco Cessation Provider Kit


Making every contact count (MECC) is an approach to behavior change that is clinically proven to help patients quit smoking and have better health outcomes. The Tobacco Cessation Provider Kit includes a set of materials designed to make following MECC and offering tobacco cessation support easy.


Healthy Behavior Optimization for Michigan (HBOM) is a collaborative quality initiative focused on improving healthy behaviors across the state of Michigan. HBOM has 3 core initiatives: tobacco cessation, healthy eating, and physical activity. HBOM was in need of tools and resources to support physicians providing tobacco cessation counseling and referral. After months of work interviewing healthcare professionals, patients, and other health organizations, I designed a set of materials that could be customized and shipped free of charge directly to health systems. As of 2023, hundreds of boxes and 5000+ materials have been delivered across the state.

The kit includes:

  • Quit Smoking Resource Guide Tear Off Pad (50 sheets) offered in 4 languages

  • Quit Smoking Medication Cards

  • Tap for Support NFC Card

  • Michigan Tobacco Quitline Cards

  • Value-Based Reimbursement Toolkit

  • Waiting Room Posters

  • Suite of Digital Tools

In addition, I worked with the design and informatics team, to create a robust online resource library that can be embedded into health systems and organizaitons' websites. This allows healthcare professionals to access a unified suite of tobacco cessation resources across the state. 

Kit Materials 

Online Resources Hub

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