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Successo is a Guatemalan company engineering and producing biological farming inputs such as soil additives that are safe for the environment and for people.


In 2022, I traveled to Guatemala to work with the Successo team for 2 weeks to develop a marketing strategy for the expansion into the USA. 


I conducted a visioning workshop with the Successo team, to create a company vision that included their expansion outside of Latin American. 

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Creating Goals 

Using the new Successo vision statement, I worked with the team to draft a clear set of goals for the next 3-5 years. For each of these goals, I developed a list of metrics for success and associated marketing activities. 

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In addition to a marketing strategy, I created a series of recommendations and associated tools to assist Successo in its expansion. These included customer surveys, marketing strategy maps, website mockups, a Guatemalan innovation seal design, and more.  

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