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The Healthy Eating JUMPSTART program provided a grocery shopping credit of $80 per month, allowing eligible low-income individuals to shop online for lower-carb groceries and receive their Healthy Eating JUMPSTART delivered to their home for free.

Along with groceries, patients were given access to robust education and support for lower carb eating, including handouts, tips, recipes, meal plans, and more.


As a member of the informatics and design team, I collaborated with a diversity of content experts to help design the program and program identity, lead the design of associated educational materials including the welcome packet and online platform, oversee program rollout to practices, and represent the program at statewide meetings.

The JuUMPSTART Program has been featured multiple times at White House conferences an an innovative private/public partnership improving care for patients with type 2 diabetes. 

Program Recruitment Materials

Welcome Packet (Booklet and Program Calendar)

Online Platform

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