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Clinic Poster Design Challenge: Tobacco Cessation and Type 2 Diabetes



Providers from around the state of Michigan submitted their ideas for posters they wanted to see in their clinics on two health topics: tobacco cessation and type 2 diabetes. Winning ideas were selected and transformed into beautiful, eye-catching posters. 

I led this initiative for both tobacco cessation and type 2 diabetes, but multiple members of the design and informatics team participated in creating the final poster designs. 

Gathering Ideas

Healthcare professionals participating in HBOM and MCT2D were sent a blank template and asked to submit their ideas for a clinic poster they would want to hang in their practice. 

Designing the Posters

From the submissions, ideas were chosen that we clear, supportive, and aligned with the values of MCT2D and HBOM. Final designs were then created, printed and distributed back to members. Winning submissions were recognized in state-wide communications and celebrated at regional and collaborative-wide meetings. The posters are now being used in practices throughout Michigan. 

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